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Shipping Information

Buying from us is safe. All orders are checked for defects or scrap before departure. Only the verified item is shipped to you. For all goods in our store, a guarantee is provided confirming the obligations for the absence of factory defects in the goods.
You can pay for your purchase when you receive it. If for any reason the order does not suit you, the operator will return the entire amount without a fee.
Attention! This payment method is only possible after prepayment. Prepayment is equal to the cost of shipping in two directions.
You can order any product of interest in several sizes for fitting. Payment in this case is made upon the fact that the buyer has chosen the right product and size. You don’t have to pay for all of your ordered items. Payment is made only if the item is suitable for you.

More information on complimentary shipping:

We are doing everything to ensure comfortable and safe delivery for you.
  • pickup from our store
  • free shipping by courier in your city
  • delivery around the city with fitting
  • delivery by courier to another city

Return policy: